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Through our partnership with Money Alive, we can provide you free access to engaging, impartial and comprehensive educational videos to help you, your family and your friends learn about many important financial topics. Simply scroll through the list below and click on view video to gain access.


Protecting yourself from scams

In today’s world scamming is a multi-billion industry and people need to be more aware than ever before. Through our partnership with Money Alive you’ll have access to a short, engaging and educational box set that explains the threat of investment and pension scams, and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

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Business Protection

Understand the risk to your business in circumstances where business owners or key employees are unable to work due to a critical illness or death. Through our partnership with Money Alive you’ll have access to a short, engaging and educational box set that explains key person and shareholder/partnership protection and how good/the right financial planning and insurance can make a big difference to a business at a time of need.

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Drawdown Pension Review

If you withdraw money from your pension via Drawdown, this video covers all the key considerations you need to think about, including how your money is invested and how much you can sustainably withdraw each year.

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Equity Release

Covering Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion this box set goes over the amounts you can typically raise, eligibility, the advice process, and potential impacts on means tested benefits. It also provides some of the alternatives that may be considered and ongoing considerations once equity release is in place.

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Flexible Income

If you’re considering using Drawdown to withdraw money from your pension this box-set is for you. It covers everything you need to know about the options available to you, the flexibility Drawdown offers as well as the risks and tax implications.

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Guaranteed Income

Using an Annuity to convert your pension into an income is still the right option for many people despite the introduction of Pension Freedoms. Understand important factors about buying an annuity including inflation, joint life, and health and lifestyle.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Once you’ve lost mental capacity it’s too late to set up a Power of Attorney. However, taking action now to set up a Power of Attorney means your loved ones will be able to make key decisions on your behalf if you’re not able to do so in the future.

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Pension Freedoms

Impartial education about pension freedom options. A brief summary will explain that there are many ways you can take the defined contribution pension that is followed by more detail on drawdown, annuity, lump sums, take it all and leave it options.

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State Pension

Improve your understanding of the State Pension including State Pension age, how the benefit is calculated and where to go to get a forecast and where you can examine your National Insurance record.

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Understanding Long Term Care

Many of us will need care in old age. However, the system is extremely complex and hard to navigate. For those new to the care system you’ll want a detailed understanding of the different ways care can be funded and paid for, assessment processes, and the different parties involved.

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Do you have a will? The majority of adults in the UK don’t. Having a will is very important and so is regularly reviewing it. Learn the key considerations when drawing one up and the repercussions of not having a will in place.

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Personal Protection

The financial impact of illness, critical illness or death can be devastating. Having insurance in place can put your mind at ease so understanding the importance of personal protection and its benefits for you and your dependants is crucial.

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